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DandeCoffee - Gourmet coffee alternative - 4 oz jar
DandeCoffee - Gourmet coffee alternative - 4 oz jar
DandeCoffee - Gourmet coffee alternative - 4 oz jar
DandeCoffee - Gourmet coffee alternative - 4 oz jar

DandeCoffee - Gourmet coffee alternative - 4 oz jar


This alternative to coffee is made with roasted dandelion root and fermented cocoa bean, in such a proportion that the cocoa is only vaguely distinguishable in the flavor of the beverage, but provides an aroma that inspires one to think of a chocolate coffee. Sometimes a hint of dandelion can be detected in the aroma. Once well dissolved in the beverage, this combination of cocoa and dandelion becomes a beverage very similar in texture, consistency and bitter taste to coffee.

For best results use boiling water and let stand for a few minutes until the temperature drops. Then filter. 
You can prepare this beverage in the same way that you prepare an

  • American coffee and after a few minutes filter it.
  • You can use an Italian coffee maker,
  • or an electric coffee maker with a paper filter.
  • Another way to prepare it is the same way you prepare a tea and filter it.dandelion root & cacao beans coffee alternative
  • Personally my favorite way is to let it settle - like Turkish coffee. Dandelion root and cocoa are very pleasant to chew and eat. And the surprise was, alike the Turkish coffee, look what was at the bottom of the cup the first time I brewed it: almost like a mandala, others might say an omen, or a giraffe's neck, my kids say.
  • Of course you can use your favorite milk or milk alternative instead of water.




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This product has been developed for our personal use and has become one of the most sought after products on our shelves. 

Add a generous teaspoon of DandeCoffee to a breakfast size cup. Add boiling water or milk and let it cool for a couple of minutes. 
You can filter it and that's it.
Another way to consume it is to let it settle, since it is basically chocolate and dandelion, its flavor and texture is very pleasant to eat even dry, and before being ground into powder. 
It can be sprinkled grounded or granulated on desserts, fruits, and smoothies.

The alternative to coffee prepared with dandelion root is very popular in some European cultures as they culturally make use of bitter flavors traditionally for their popular benefits to the hepatic system. 
For example, the Dutch culture has a saying that always applies to bitter flavors. 
It says: "Sweet mouth, bitter heart. Bitter mouth, sweet heart."

In this way they synthesize many benefits of integrating bitter flavors to improve health.!

DANDECOFFEE is a perfect variant to sprinkle on cakes, creams and ice creams. It can be added in smoothies and milkshakes giving them a light touch of bitter flavor.



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